This Week, 06.08.2014

I adore Lily Pebbles’ blog, and her Wear Life Eats posts offer a glimpse beyond the standard beauty fare she posts. I’m also a fan of Kim’sCurrently” as it acts as a quick snapshot of  broader topics. Consider this an homage to those lovely bloggers.

Reading I started Orange is the New Black after binge-watching S1 on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got a quarter left. I’ve enjoyed how (so far) the series used elements of Piper’s experiences and story as inspiration. I would say that if you’re expecting something that remotely resembles the visceral rawness of the show, however, this is not the book for you. I’m not sure what I’ll start after I finish this one, but between the shelves of unread books and the “unopened” titles on my Kindle, I have a wealth of options.

Listening I’m also revisiting my summer reread pile – in a different format. There are some books I used to love rereading every year, and I decided to try them out as audiobooks. I finished The Hot Zone and The Stand (somehow even better as an audiobook) earlier this month. I decided to write a fuller post on The Stand/audiobooks in general, but I started The Pillars of the Earth. No matter how, when, or where I experience this book, I always feel young and laid back and hopeful…probably because the first time I read the book, I was in high school.

Watching The biggest one? S2, Orange is the New Black. We’ve also been keeping up with Game of Thrones (of course). Our latest discoveries have been The IT Crowd and Silicon Valley, both hilarious and geeky. Oh, and we also started a slow re-watch of the Star Wars series, because I felt like watching the original trilogy over Memorial Day weekend. My guilty pleasure watch, The Bachelorette, also makes appearances during my workout.

Eating & Drinking I’ve switched to the Dark Side this year – my regular green tea and tofu cravings have been corrupted by a newfound love of coffee and steak (…not at the same time). I think I’m craving more protein because of my new gym habit.

Exercising I rediscovered my love of swimming at the new gym Scott and I joined. I swim outside in the mornings. I also did a health/fitness assessment and am doing heart rate-based training to get healthier and burn some fat. Though I look healthier than I did a year ago, I have a very high fat percentage for someone my age (I’ve learned to wear more flattering clothes so it isn’t as obvious). I can feel the difference, and the BMI/fat percentage numbers on our smart scale confirm I’m making some positive changes.

Wearing Lots of casual stuff. Loose, draped cardigans and stretchy leggings. Cotton shirts. Blacks, whites, and grays. The occasional pair of H&M shorts. Flip-flops. Flowy subscription box favorites.

Writing After a rut (which are far too common these days!), I managed to write my next two 1:1000 pieces this past Sunday. I’m also outlining a manuscript and working on a novella piece and some flash fiction/short stories for submission. All of these things are terrifying but exciting – all but one of the 1:1000 pieces are beyond my comfort zone, either in terms of style, tone, ambition, or a combination of all three.

Blogging I have a diversity in reading post I’ve been working on for weeks now. It’s really in-depth and I want to pull in a lot of topics: voice, identity, censorship, citizenship…I think it will be great once it’s done, but it just isn’t all there yet. I’m also consolidating all my subscription box posts into on monthly Saturday linkfest. There are few more books/reading topics queued up, and I think I’ll post a “writing tools” guide this week. I’m also playing around with a series of “literary Phoenix” blog posts, one of which will include a new “hour with an author” feature.

Anticipating Megan Abbot’s The Fever and Andy Hall’s Denali’s Howl.

So – what’s up in your neck of the woods?

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