Goodreads Choice Awards 2015: The Champions

2015-12-02 08.01.12 pm

Read my opening round post here, my semifinal round post here, and my final predictions here.

Congrats to all the winners this year! There were some impressive slates and stiff competition. Honestly, I feel like as the Goodreads community grows, the Choice Awards get better and more interesting.

Now, I’m coming off 30 days of frenzied writing and while I’m eager to continue, I’m reestablishing a balance with blogging, exercise, and everything else in my life. I’ve said a lot of the nominees, so I thought I’d change it up and throw some GIFs in here. Enjoy!


Predicted: Fates and Furies or Go Set a Watchman

Won: Go Set a Watchman


I’ve made my peace with this one.

Mystery & Thriller

Predicted: The Girl on the Train

Won: The Girl on the Train 

tropic thunder

Guaranteed victory still requires a victory dance. Just look at the vote count: 105K for this one. Second place was Stephen King with a third of that. Hot. Damn.

Historical Fiction

Will Win: A God in Ruins 

Won: The Nightingale


Not even on my radar. Guess I’ll have to check it out now?


Predicted: Trigger Warning

Won: Trigger Warning


“Neil Gaiman be like…”

Also: Sorry, Jenny.

Science Fiction

Predicted: Seveneves

Won: Golden Son

what's a galaga

Wait, what? This is the second book in a series?


Predicted: The Night Sister

Won: Saint Odd


I’m not a Koontz fan, but yeah, okay.


Predicted: Between the World and Me

Won: Modern Romance


So, full disclosure: I am not thrilled about this. I wanted to find a frumpy-face Tom Haverford gif and this popped up initially and with a book like Modern Romance it seemed too perfect not to share. So, there you go. But also, this:

parks&rec what

Graphic Novels & Comics

Predicted: Ms. Marvel

Won: Saga

jurassic world

Or: This is not what I expected but it is awesome. 

Also, I was a huge Saga supporter for last year’s Choice Awards and surprised at the loss, so a year later this feels great if not overdue. See you next year, Kamala.

YA Fantasy & Science Fiction

Predicted: Carry On

Won: Queen of Shadows

well done

How do you feel about the winners? Drop a note in the comments!

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