Goodreads Choice Awards 2015: The Finals

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Read my opening round post here and my semifinal round post here.

The final round is open today until the 23rd. Make sure you vote to have your voice heard! The competition remains pretty stiff in several categories.

Also, I know it’s not a countdown per se, but I have Europe’s The Final Countdown stuck in my head. Which means you probably have it stuck in your head, too. Here, have a montage for your troubles:

Reminder: I’ll be leaving out several categories (like Romance, Middle Grade, Picture Books) as my interest is limited (or nonexistent this year).


Should Win: Fates and Furies

Will Win: Fates and Furies or Go Set a Watchman

I honestly can’t tell with this one. I’ve been pulling for Fates and Furies since the opening round, but that doesn’t mean much. The books featured include major winner potential, so I could see this one going to a more popular book that’s been out a while. I’m not sure if Go Set a Watchman will get the nostalgia vote, despite most of the book community’s critical reviews of, well, the entire lead-up to the book hitting shelves.

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Mystery & Thriller

Should Win: The Girl on the Train

Will Win: The Girl on the Train 

It will be a huge upset if this doesn’t win. Everyone loves this book. It came out months ago and continues to do well.

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Historical Fiction

Should Win: Marriage of Opposites 

Will Win: A God in Ruins 

I’m pulling for Marriage of Opposites to surprise, but I feel like Atkinson has this one over Hoffman. I haven’t read her books, but they delight readers and tend to do very well numbers-wise.

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Should Win: The Fifth Season

Will Win: Trigger Warning or A Darker Shade of Magic

There’s always one category where I want to throw my hands in the air because I have no idea where voters’ sentiments lie. I’m not sure if The Fifth Season has enough backing to win. Typically bigger names (like Gaiman) are more likely to get publicized and read by a wider variety of people. I’ve seen a lot of good press for A Darker Shade of Magic – I didn’t love it, but plenty of others did, so perhaps it’ll pull out a win.

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Science Fiction

Should Win: Aftermath

Will Win: Seveneves

…oh, and there’s also a category where there are honestly so many good nominees I can’t figure out which book gets my final vote! I’ve been pulling for The Fold, but I also really enjoyed Armada, to the point where I’m thinking that even though I read it months ago, I have fonder memories of it than my more recent listen.

There’s a lot of great nominees, but I think Seveneves may have the numbers here. Just a guess based on the Goodreads ratings, which I only look at when I’m really stumped. Well done, Sci Fi. And even though I’m voting for Armada, I’m rooting for Wendig, because he’s just a phenomenal person and writer and I wish only good things for someone who has personally inspired.

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Should Win: The Night Sister

Will Win: The Night Sister

Only because I recognize none of the other finalists (authors yes, those particular releases, no), and I’m a huge McMahon fan.

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Should Win: Between the World and Me

Will Win: Between the World and Me

So many people have read this book and appreciated how it tackled heavy themes and difficult experiences (“loved” seems an odd choice for the subject matter). Coates earned this victory with a haunting look at racial politics and social values.

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Graphic Novels & Comics

Should Win: Nimona

Will Win: Ms. Marvel

I could be completely wrong here.  I read Nimona as a web comic and it stays with you in a way only great characters can. Everyone in the series is solid, fleshed out, and necessary. And the deconstruction of tropes, especially what it means to be a hero or a villain, is absolutely brilliant. As much as I (and others) love Ms. Marvel, I’m not sure it’s quite there. Hilarious, brilliant, and Kamala Khan is hands down one of Marvel’s best characters, but it doesn’t hit Nimona levels quite yet. Unpopular opinion time, I know.

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YA Fantasy & Science Fiction

Should Win: Uprooted

Will Win: Carry On

Rainbow Rowell knows her stuff, and she’s a wonderful author who spans YA and adult genres well. I think she’s got this in the bag, but maybe I’m out of touch with the kids these days.

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How are you voting? Drop a note in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2015: The Finals

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End says:

    I think Nimona stands a chance at the win! I’d have a hard time choosing between those two books myself, honestly! They’re both so wonderful!

    In other news, although I love Neil Gaiman, I’m actively rooting against Trigger Warning. It’s not his best work, the introduction is v. annoying about trigger warnings as a concept, and I think some less-known authors deserve a chance to win.


    • Justice says:

      Unpopular opinion time! I am not a huge Gaiman fan. I adore American Gods and Anansi Boys, but that’s pretty much it. I just can’t get into his other stuff as easily. Sorry, not sorry!


  2. Mikayla says:

    Super sad you didn’t cover the YA Fiction, Middle-Grade Fiction, and Picture Book categories. But I am a schoolteacher as well as a booknerd, so that would be why. I enjoyed reading your synopsis of the race so far in this post and your last (although I have to say I was surprised by your analysis of the YA categories… I personally am rooting for Saint Anything for the one and in the other I know that even though the writing isn’t anything to brag about Winter and The Heir both have a lot of popular force behind them right now), and can’t wait to see what you have to say about the winners. Thanks for sharing!


    • Justice says:

      Thanks! I tend to skip categories with books I haven’t read, and I usually catch up with the “hot” YA reads through the Choice Awards. What did you think of the winners?


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