Goodreads Choice Awards 2015: The Semifinals

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Read my opening round post here.

The semifinal round is open the 10th – 15th (after the 15th you will not be able to vote). The final round runs the 17th – 23rd. Look for my final round posts and winner posts later this month!

If this is your first Goodreads Choice Awards, the semifinal round is going to seem…very confusing. See, the semifinal round both narrows and widens the competition. During the first round, readers can nominate books that were left off the ballot. If books get enough nominations, they are available for the popular vote in the semifinal round. They knock out books that were on the original ballot but didn’t do so hot. You’ll see some changes to my original picks and predictions in the list below.

Reminder: I’ll be leaving out several categories (like Romance, Middle Grade, Picture Books) as my interest is limited (or nonexistent this year).


Well, well, well. Go Set a Watchman has entered the game. I was surprised it wasn’t in the first round, but figured it might make an appearance during semifinals. Now, I’m wondering if nostalgia will carry it to the finals and to victory. I wasn’t all that impressed with the book, so I will not cast a vote for it. I’m hoping autumn darling Fates and Furies takes it.

Mystery & Thriller

No major changes in this category, at least for me. I still think The Girl on the Train has this one in the bag, even against Robert Galbraith.

Historical Fiction

I’m still hoping for Marriage of Opposites to win – and you can read my review discussing its merits here. I think A God in Ruins has a very solid chance, through, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see Girl Waits with Gun, a blogger favorite, make it into the running.


So, this is where I wish I had rushed into reading the second Queen of the Tearling novel, The Invasion of the Tearling. I really, really enjoyed the first book and thought it was a clever take on an “unprepared female leader” narrative. Kelsea’s just a great character, and I didn’t read the second book precisely because I wanted to wait until closer to the third book’s release. Boo, hiss. I started reading The Fifth Season, but my love for the Tearling characters wins, and I hope The Invasion of the Tearling does, too.

Science Fiction

This is probably the best semifinals slate update I’ve ever seen, and I’m really excited to see the finals round ballot. There were some great updates – Nightvale, Atwood, Wendig, Armada…dang, this a good bunch of nominees, and a great balance of popular and critical hits. I’m still pulling for the The Fold, however!


The Night Sister keeps my vote, but I strongly recommend those with a strong stomach for visceral imagery check out The Deep, another great read. Also, I just learned there was a follow-up to The Three!


I seriously  missed the category last week, and I have no idea how. Anyway, I’m voting for Between the World and Me, but it barely beats out Missoula and Big Magic, which impacted me personally but not in the same ways.

Graphic Novels & Comics

So not only are all of my favorites from last week still there (Saga, Lumberjanes, Rat Queens, Nimona, Sex Criminals, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel), but Wicked + Divine is nominated, too! I’ll say it again, this is anyone’s game. And yes, I’m still voting for Nimona!

Young Adult

First, read the awesome Women in Fiction guest post by Dot, then go vote for Dumplin’!

YA Fantasy & Science Fiction

I was worried Uprooted wouldn’t pull through, solely because I wasn’t sure if it registered at the same level for YA voters. Obviously I’m a fan, and a biased one at that.

How are you voting? Drop a note in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2015: The Semifinals

  1. Shaina says:

    I still haven’t read Between the World and Me (bad Shaina!), and I’m really pulling for Chasing the Scream in the nonfiction category. It was a really eye-opening look at the American war on drugs and how poorly we really understand addiction. I can’t stop recommending it!


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