Hot Off the Press: October 13, 2015 Releases


There are only a couple of books coming out today that hit my radar. Beware, they promise to be on the darker side.

she walks in shadows by Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles (Editors)

I heard about this collection over the summer and knew it would be my jam: reimagining classic Lovecraftian tales with a female focus. All of the contributing authors in the anthology are women, too! I mean, I’m a sucker for something described as “defiant, destructive, terrifying, and harrowing.”

City on Fire: A novel by Garth Risk Hallberg

An aside: the author’s middle name may as well be “Danger.” Also, in my defense, I’m not sure this book will be as dark theme-wise as SWIS, but it does prominently feature the 1977 NYC blackout, so there’s at least some literal darkness. Also, a murder occurs on New Year’s Eve. For some people (like my husband), a murder automatically sets a book to “dark.” But as we’ve established, I have Stephen King-level thresholds and just think this wide variety of characters in 1970s New York will be an interesting read.

I’m sure there are plenty of other books being published today, so don’t forget to post your favorite ones in the comments!

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