Hot Off the Press: September 29, 2015 Releases


I can’t determine if I’ve got a theme with the four books I’m excited about today. Fraught relationships, perhaps?

gold fame citrus by claire vay watkins

My biggest question is ‘will this book stand up to the hype surrounding it for the last few months’? Seems like everyone who’s gotten a galley loves this book, which charts a couple’s journey from drought-ravaged SoCal east to a water diviner.

me, my hair, and i: twenty-seven woman untangle an obsession by elizabeth benedict

My non-fiction pick of the week, which focuses on, yep, ladies and their hair. More a sociocultural  approach than a beauty one (I think/hope), I’m interested in how the book is both an intimate reflection and a global one.

not on fire, but burning by greg hrbek

A totally genre-bent book that’s “not exactly a thriller, not exactly sci-fi, not exactly speculative fiction, but rather a brilliant and absorbing adventure.” The story begins when a mysterious object nukes the Golden Gate Bridge, resulting in the death of the protagonist’s sister, religious internment camps, and a grieving family.

the heart goes last: a novel by margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood! Margaret Atwood! Margaret Atwood! That’s basically all I need to know to be interested. If plot’s your thing, though, this one follows a couple’s involvement in the Positron Project, which leads Stan to danger and Charmaine into the arms of another man.

I’m sure there are plenty of other books being published today, so don’t forget to post your favorite ones in the comments!

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