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It seems like a worthwhile time to revisit writing progress, since I have some minor updates and haven’t done a Beyond the Blog post this month!

I hear back about my Southwestern horror piece, and it wasn’t selected as one of the winning pieces. Normally I would be really upset, but after I posted about the writing experience and “hustling my own damn talent,” one of the 1:1000 editors reached out to me with interest in seeing it. Together we made some more improvements and tightened up a few areas, and it became a stronger, richer piece. I even told Scott that I kind of hoped it didn’t win, because I liked this version more. To add to that, I’ve come across another contest – seriously, wasn’t searching for it, it popped up on one of my RSS feeds from a non-writing site – and it seems like a much better fit. So, I’ll be submitting there this month. Fingers crossed!

I’ve also been working on a handful of pieces for ongoing submissions and October deadlines. I’m really drawn to flash fiction and it’s been my jam for a while now, but a couple of the ongoing sites are more micro-fiction and that intrigues me. I’ve got one submission planned that will be three linked, 500-word pieces, and I’ve been channeling Erin Morgenstern with rich, lyrical descriptions but not much else. Lots to improve there, I suppose.

There are a couple of longer pieces I’m honestly struggling with, in terms of scope and character. I have some good ideas, they just aren’t translating as well on the page as I’d like. I’ve got October earmarked as a short fiction month, because I think I’m going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo (again) this year.

Also, I designed a rudimentary submissions manager tracking spreadsheet – just something to keep me from emailing links to my stuffed inbox or toggling around tabs in my browser. It’s a simple spreadsheet with columns and basic color-coding to help me track submissions. If anyone has a better version (or tips) based on what they’ve created, I’m all ears!

Thanks for reading! What have you submitted lately?

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