In the Margins of a Birthday

This really could be more of a “life lately” post, but I’ve been filtering so much through the “getting older” mindset that I figured I should probably acknowledge it right off the bat. So yep, I turned twenty-eight this week and I don’t feel like that makes me old, per se. But in the days that surround my birthday, I always reflect on my future, where I am and where I wanted to be, and how I can close that gap to end up in a positive place, career-wise.

It’s funny, but it’s something I’ve been very guarded about sharing at work; only a few of my close work friends ever knew I had dreams of being a (traditionally) published author. But lately I’ve been talking about it more and more. I’m lighter now that I’m not carrying around the burden of feeling like I’m living a double life, and I don’t feel guilty for wanting to pursue my own path.

It’s no secret that I want my full-time “job” to involve writing. At the same time, I love books and enjoy carving out my little space on the internet to chat about the ones I love. I’ve always wanted this to be a “writing” blog more than a reading one, but I struggle with those posts. And I love writing about books, and reading, and why my favorite characters are awesome, so I’ll be concentrating more on the marginalia part of my blog and less on the manuscripts, at least for now.

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