What the Darkness Hides, at 1:1000

1:1000 is a website that pairs photography with 1,000-word prose. Sound like your cup of tea? Go to Pinterest and select an unclaimed photograph, then write your 1,000-word piece (fiction or creative non-fiction).

As I said on Facebook, it’s time for my monthly reminder I had a totally normal childhood and am well-adjusted and my parents were cool. I’m thrilled with how my latest piece turned out, because it started with a different set of characters and conflict.

I originally planned to write about two women in love with the same man – a case of misunderstanding, with the girlfriend discovering the “other woman” is a foster sister. But, I kind of hated it, and it does sound rather boring, doesn’t it? So I hardcore ramped it up for the next iteration: creepy monsters that are an homage to Lovecraft, the Southern Reach trilogy, and Guild Wars 2’s Sylvari race. I also came up with extensive back stories for the two protagonists, Margaret and Gloria (fun fact, they’re named for Margaret Atwood and Gloria Anzaldúa).

Enjoy the tongue-in-cheek play on borderlands, and understand why one of our editors wondered what goes on in my head. Give it a read and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “What the Darkness Hides, at 1:1000

    • Justice says:

      Thanks! We’re always looking for new guest submitters. Check out some of the other editors, too – the team is super talented and very encouraging during the editing process. I’ve submitted a few pieces that needed a lot of TLC 😉


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