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aug 10 2015

happening // Sometimes you need a weekend where you just decompress. The last two days were bliss. Scott and I saw two movies, cooked yummy food (mostly Scott; I was happy to eat it, though!), and I read and wrote.

writing // I’ve had a lot of different ideas running through my head, so I’ve been working on different short story pieces. It’s been such a change of pace to have too many ideas for short stories. I’ve even started 1:1000 pieces and had to discard them because the story eclipses the flash fiction format.

reading // I am finally ahead of my Goodreads reading challenge goal! I finished Uprooted (ebook), which I can’t recommend enough for fans of fantasy. Cassie also recommended Columbine (print); I’ll dedicate a full post to my thoughts later this week, but wow. It’s been a while since I carried a book around the house all weekend. This is one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read, but it’s worth it.

blogging // A post about writing and another post about difficult/challenging reads.

exploring // Writing challenges, competitions, and literary magazines.

curating // Dave Cullen’s writing advice.

promoting // This piece about the books we discuss and why. It’s always interesting to me about why certain books resonate with readers over others.

one more thing // I wrote a brief travel piece on about Matsumoto! Check it out.

Thanks for reading! Got something to share? Drop a note in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Beyond the Blog | Without Responsibilities

    • Justice says:

      Thanks, Jenny! I read the whole thing last weekend. The readers’ guide included with my edition noted that some critics described the book as a “non-fiction novel,” which has been the perfect descriptor. I had hoped to post my thoughts last week but all my thoughts were still swirling around.


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