Beyond the Blog | A Day Late


happening // It was a busy weekend at the J + H Hacienda. So busy that when I went to write this post Sunday, I discovered it was 9 PM and I decided to go to bed rather than stay up. Lame? Maybe, but if I’m gonna work out, it’s going to be before work and at least 30 minutes. With my commute and 7-4 schedule, that means I’m up by 4:15 AM at the latest. The sacrifices we make for wellness, y’all.

writing // I feel like I’m about to hit an impasse with my Southwestern horror piece. My next 1:1000 piece will be up Thursday, so it’s with our editors. Longer pieces took a slight backseat this week. That’s the writing life; always juggling creativity and inspiration with time.

reading // Even though I’ve been reading like a madwoman, I’m still behind on my Goodreads goal for the year! It doesn’t help that I’m deep into several books and only finished one last week: Go Set a Watchman. Expect a fuller post up tomorrow! I’m also almost done with Martha Southgate’s The Fall of Rome, and the audiobook for Wolf Winter.

blogging // Thoughts on Go Set a Watchman. Being a bookish bride. The morning after book club. My July piece for 1:1000.

exploring // West coast travel spots! We have a mind to take a couple weekend trips in the next few months.

curating // I kind of screwed up my NetGalley stats by downloading a ton of ARCs with the expectation of reading them during wedding week and our honeymoon. Now I’m trying to rebuild my book cred one sample and review at a time. Let sigh.

promoting // My first Japan travel post went up on last week. I plan to post one each week until I’ve exhausted all the cities we visited.

one more thing // We saw Trainwreck this weekend and were both disappointed. It suffered from a lack of humor, with the exception of Lebron James. Yes, LEBRON JAMES  has the best comedic timing in a movie helmed by the top female comedian on TV. Eeesh.

Thanks for reading! Got something to share? Drop a note in the comments!

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