Hot Off the Press | July 2015 Releases

july 2015

Let’s be real, people. This month belongs to Go Set a Watchman.

July 7th


I’ve been on a space kick since falling in love with Interstellar and The Martian last year, so this pick is a no-brainer. One of sci-fi’s top contemporary authors, Robinson’s latest is about a future space colony at the end of its mission.

time salvager BY wesley chu

This novel sounds like a blend of Looper and Judge Dredd: a time traveler breaks the rules to bring a doomed woman into the future. Together they have to outrun the consequences in a dangerous world.

July 14th

confessions of the lioness BY mia couto

I am thrilled this book will be coming out this month. Described as a “a riveting mystery and a poignant examination of women’s oppression, [it] explores the confrontation between the modern world and ancient traditions.”

armada BY ernest cline

The author of the breakout hit Ready Player One will be releasing his second book this year. Cline capitalizes on the success of video games, nostalgia, and clever narrators with what’s sure to be a popular read among mainstream sci-fi readers. Sidebar: that cover art, that website. Dude is killin’ it.

july 29th

abomination by gary whitta

Another SFF pick to round out the month, and its the early reviews that have me the most intrigued. With comments like an “epic blend of black magic, badass monsters, broadswords, and bloodshed” and comparisons to The Name of the Wind, I have to give this one a whirl.

What are you excited to read this month? Any of these picks making it into your TBR pile?

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