Beyond the Blog | A Lazy Long Weekend

july 5

happening // Scott and I normally travel for Fourth of July and see our families. With all the time we took off for the wedding and honeymoon, that wasn’t really feasible this year. I’m sad that I’m not soaking up the sun on LBI or hiking in the mountains with my parents, but I’m making the best of our lazy long weekend here.

writing // Obviously, writing sessions have been in full swing here at the hacienda. I’ve been working on my Southwestern horror piece during the week and the manuscript on the weekend. I told Scott this morning that I feel like I have a lot of irons in the creative fire, and it’s starting to feel a bit like a writer’s inferno, burning and consuming me. I have to jot down ideas in my notebook for different projects and pieces, and just focus on committing words for whatever is loudest inside my own head.

reading // I finishedThe Queen of the Tearling! I know, long time coming. It was a good fantasy read – some of the tropes felt a little familiar, but the ending hit such high, chilling notes. I’ve been on such a genre kick this year; most of my Kindle shelf is some form of fantasy. I want to start the next book in the series, but need a little break. I read We Should All Be Feminists, a great short piece, and The Deep. And holy guacamole, The Deep is dark and creepy, a wonderfully disturbing web of writing. I’m glad I read this while Scott was at home, though I did read it in one sitting and with several breaks after rough sections. I liked it, but had to skim through some of the more graphic…visceral descriptions.

blogging // My top July picks for new books and maybe some writing? Or a writing process post? I am way overdue for a writing post.

exploring // I’m in a real wanderlust mood lately, and this weekend several thunderstorms have left our side of Phoenix feeling unseasonably balmy. It’s driving me crazy because even though it doesn’t feel like the blazing, 100+ temps I’m used to, it’s still too hot for me to be outside for long periods of time safely, especially with the bad air quality. I’m living vicariously through future hiking excursions in Phoenix and Sedona.

curating // Reasons to be grateful to live in Phoenix. I know, I’m pretty hard on Phoenix most of the time, but lately I’ve been hesitant to criticize. Perspective, I guess?

promoting // A great piece on body image and Magic Mike XXL my friend Ash posted on her blog.

one more thing // Time to write!

Thanks for reading! Got something to share? Drop a note in the comments!

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