Beyond the Blog | Back from Detroit

A sliver of life beyond the blog.

happening // Scott and I were in Detroit this weekend for our friend’s wedding! It was beautiful and great to see everyone.

writing // Last week I worked on a thing that I can’t really qualify as anything other than fiction inspired by the Southwest. I also wrote a couple manuscript chapters on our flight back from Detroit.

reading // Still enjoying The Queen of the Tearlingand expect to finish it this week. Kim posted about The Rook and I must give it a listen!

blogging // I’ve got a lot planned but haven’t drafted any of this week’s posts. I do think I’m going to write about my latest gaming obsession.

exploring // As dumb as it sounds, figuring out how to style my short(er) hair…

curating // …and to that end, investing in new hair products now that I can’t hide behind a messy updo or ponytail. I’m loving the Drybar line, TBH.

promoting // I’ve heard that coming back from your honeymoon and getting back into a routine can be jarring and a little depressing. One of the best preventative measures was reading Breaking Up With Misery. The lessons have stayed with me and I often find myself being grateful for moments that I would otherwise find upsetting.

one more thing // Shout out to folks who mentioned they’ve been reading my 1:1000 pieces and blog posts lately!

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