Influenster Review | Neutrogena Naturals

So, I have a confession to make. Something I never talk about on the blog, but something that has become an annoying part of my life the last year and a half.

Somehow, I’ve managed to develop adult acne.

Yeah. Puberty is the worst, especially when it unexpectedly continues into your late twenties.

I mention that because it’s relevant to this review. See, I got the survey for the Neutrogena Naturals product earlier this year. I filled it out and was pleasantly surprised to be chosen. I really like the idea of facial wipes, but often find they’re irritating or ineffective; having a new one to try out would be cool!

Until I started getting blemishes on top of blemishes with no end in sight.

When my adult acne surfaced in February last year, it took almost three months of dermatologist-supervised treatment (and a surprise allergic reaction to an antibiotic!) to kill all the bacteria and feel confident I was putting my best face forward. With an apparent resurgence this March and our wedding coming up in May, I got even more stressed about the state of my acne issues, and I cut out a lot of factors cold turkey:

  1. Caffeine, including my beloved green tea
  2. Makeup
  3. Changes to my skincare routine, no matter how small!
  4. Stress (yeah, right – wish list item!)

When my Neutrogena Naturals box arrived, I didn’t even touch the thing because of points 2 and 3 below. I didn’t use the product until wedding week, when I started using makeup again.

One of the big components of the Neutrogena Naturals line is environmentalism. Using the facial wipes can help you save up to five gallons a day by not using water to wash your face – thus the #wipeforwater social media movement.

Now, I used the Neutrogena Naturals wipes instead of my normal cleanser routine. My normal cleanser routine involves using Clinique’s Take the Day Off line, both the balm for foundation/powder and the remover for eye and lip makeup. The balm requires the use of water while the remover doesn’t. I also use my Clarisonic and Proactiv products, but typically only do a facial cleanse in the shower in the morning. Either way, the wipes reduced my water usage.

One of the pleasant surprises was when I was able to get my wedding makeup off with one wipe. Dang!



The results aren’t quite as impressive for my daily look; by comparison, the wipes appear to have barely made a dent. However, since I wear less makeup day-to-day I noticed that there was more of an irritating sensation on those days. I also felt like the wipes got the makeup off, but wouldn’t be the best replacement for my normal skincare routine.

While it would seem that I’d be back to my usual water-using ways, I did manage to find a suitable replacement in Japan. Not facial wipes, but another way of cleansing my skin that requires less water than I typically use! I’ll post more next week about my (new) skincare routine. Even though I’m not using the Neutrogena Naturals wipes exclusively, I’m grateful for the inspiration to find something better for me and the environment, too! Small steps.

I’ll probably continue to use the Neutrogena Naturals wipes prior to afternoon workouts or at work. Trust me, when the Phoenix summer temps hit 100+, there’s something super refreshing about wiping your face down before hopping in your oven of a car.

If you don’t have particularly difficult skin, I’d recommend giving these a try! They’re effective, and those who don’t have acne-prone or sensitive skin may find them a nice addition to their skincare routine.

Disclaimer: I received this product compliments of Influenster for testing/review. All opinions are my own.

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