1:1000 | A Feeling Like Freedom (Tales from the Academy)

1:1000 is a website that pairs photography with 1,000-word prose. Sound like your cup of tea? Go to Pinterest and select an unclaimed photograph, then write your 1,000-word piece (fiction or creative non-fiction).

My latest, “A Feeling Like Freedom,” is over at 1:1000. It’s the next “Tales from the Academy” installment, one I struggled with quite a bit. I’m feeling pretty burnt out lately – I desperately need some time off for R&R, but I’ve still got over a month before wedding and honeymoon travels. I know, world’s tiniest violin.

Anyway. The first draft of this piece was a total Charlie Foxtrot. I listened to the first Bob Odenkirk Nerdist podcast a couple of weeks ago and one of the things he mentioned was hating bad reviews with which you agree. The first draft felt a lot like that – getting constructive criticism I completely agreed was valid. Super frustrating, but not unexpected: everything was a hot, muddled mess.

Some days require more time and effort, and when I crafted the final draft I spent about three hours rewriting. I’m much happier with the final product, and I think it showcases the characters and setting better.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!

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