Goodbye, 2014. Welcome, 2015.



I’m back from my holiday hiatus, eager for 2014 to end and 2015 to begin.

2014 was a rough year for me. In 2012, one of my coworkers predicted that 2013 would be my year. And when it was (in so many ways), it made 2014 even harder by comparison. Coming down from a lot of personal and professional highlights wasn’t gentle. It was a hard, rough slam into the ground.

I don’t talk a lot of office life and what happens “behind the cubicle walls” – mostly to respect company policy, but also because I know a few coworkers read my blog and I don’t want to blur those lines. manuscripts & marginalia exists beyond my work life. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that part of the reason 2014 was so hard involved things that did (or didn’t) happen professionally. I struggled to overcome obstacles, some of which will continue to be challenges in 2015.

Writing was all over the place. I feel like I struggled to find my voice. Most of the year I was a muddled mess, and things didn’t coalesce until the end of the year.

I had some odd health issues that I barely mentioned (if at all?) in the first half of the year. Notably, a combination of factors forced me to the dermatologist, who confirmed I had a moderate case of adult acne. Several medications (including a discovery that I am, in fact, allergic to a type of antibiotic – The More You Know!) and a lot of self-esteem issues later, it was knocked out and I’ve learned to be grateful for the occasional blemish (and better quality facial products).

For all of the bad that came with 2014, there was plenty of good – and sometimes, the jaded, cynical pessimist needs reminding. I celebrated seven years with my partner-in-crime, and we made a lot of progress planning our wedding thanks to support from our family and wedding planner. We shared a joint engagement party with Scott’s cousin and his fiancée, and spent a wonderful long weekend celebrating their marriage this November. My parents also hosted us for many wonderful wedding planning trips, including some seriously gorgeous engagement photos and a touching engagement party.

I cried a lot in 2014, but I cried a lot of happy tears.

We joined a gym and I’m the healthiest I’ve been (possibly ever?). I still make bad food decisions, but they’re fewer and farther (further?) between…and also less egregious. I work out regularly, and while I might not be in the best shape of my life, I’m in better shape than I was a year ago.

Blogging was somewhat hit and miss, but thanks to being featured on Goodreads (something I didn’t even realize until my page views went berserk), I had more visitors than ever before. Considering my typical high page views came from Stitch Fix and way outdated Golden Tote posts, this was awesome.

For the most part, I live a life of privilege; the obstacles I experienced in 2014 made me a stronger person, and hopefully a better one, too.

There’s a bittersweet aftertaste from 2014 lingering, but I’ve got a good feeling about 2015.

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