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1:1000 is a website that pairs photography with 1,000-word prose. Sound like your cup of tea? Go to Pinterest and select an unclaimed photograph, then write your 1,000-word piece (fiction or creative non-fiction).

When I realized that I probably couldn’t get away with writing a dark, twisted tale a week and some change before Christmas, I freaked out. Actually, I was originally set to publish something 12/23 and I wracked my brain coming up with a pseudo-solid concept I could make work for Christmas Eve Eve.

When I read Dot’s “The Star,” I burned with envy. It was beautiful, seasonally appropriate, and layered. It was a touching story, one we all loved. It features a sweet moment between two sisters, and I knew my idea of Christmas bonding between two young brothers was not gonna fly. “The Star” was better than the best version of my idea, and it was back to the drawing board.

And then my publishing date moved up to the week before Christmas.

You can do it, I told myself. This is just the push you need. Start from scratch.

Saturday morning, draft past due, I accessed Pinterest and scanned the images.

What do you want to write?

The answer was a love story. The result was “Yellow Door.” Ivy League rivalries, dating in a digital age, looking for home.

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