An Arbitrary Reading Challenge for 2015

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I decided not to complete or host any reading challenges in 2014, other than the annual Goodreads Challenge. I was happy with this decision, because it gave me the flexibility to read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in whatever format I chose.

For 2015, I’m creating a personal challenge. It’s somewhat arbitrary, though I think my explanations for “exceptions” will make sense to other word nerds.

The basic premise of my Arbitrary Reading Challenge:

Read books (mostly) published within 2015.

Exceptions include:

  • Rereads/relistens.
  • Anything selected for writing research, regardless of genre.
  • Non-fiction books that pair well (example: The Plantagenets and The Pillars of the Earth).
  • An author’s previously published works, since I may want to binge-read (almost) everything (s)he’s ever written.
  • Books currently in my TBR pile (both physical and digital, aka my Amazon wish list/Kindle queue).

I think those are pretty fair parameters so far. I’d also like to add some additional goals for incorporating more diverse authors/subjects in my reading, but I’m waiting until the end of the month to tally everything up.

Are you entering any reading challenges this year? Which ones, and why?

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