Favorite Reads in 2014

Although I’ve still got time to read more books this year, I thought I’d go ahead and post my favorite books so far. I doubt many of these will be a surprise!

favorite reads

The Girl in the Road: Officially my favorite book of the year, due to its imaginative scope and fearless writing. Byrne’s characters engage and intrigue, and her multi-layered storytelling make her an author to watch.


The Martian: A clever and (sometimes) humble protagonist will keep you listening to this tale of survival. Fans of Interstellar will enjoy this one.


The Three: A creepy, evocative story of child survivors told in the same vein as World War Z.  A variety of perspectives and ideas are captured through passionate, realistic prose.


The Magician’s Land: One of the best fantasy novels of the year, and the perfect ending to a trilogy that never plays it safe. Continued character development and imaginative settings delight.


Annihilation: Visceral and unique, with vivid descriptions of an unusual world we can never understand. You won’t be able to stop reading to discover the secrets of Area X.


Landline: Alternating between funny and heartbreaking, Rowell takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Witty, real characters make this an engaging, quick read.


Eleanor & Park: The love story you never realized was missing, with characters who aren’t afraid to challenge each other. A must-read for fans of YA, romance, and charming characters.


The Interestings: An ensemble cast of characters navigates shifting relationship boundaries and social dynamics. Touching and poignant, it’s sure to make you nostalgic.


Red Moon: A haunting genre pick that will leave you wanting more, especially after you turn the last page. Percy relies on solid worldbuilding instead of tired tropes.


The Winter People: This book weaves local legends with modern mystery. Perfectly paced and plotted, it ends with a surprising twist.


Looking for Alaska: A coming-of-age story told with Green’s signature wit and heart. Fans of The Fault in Our Stars should give this a read.


Night Film: A dark, twisting tale that will keep you guessing. Fans of Kubrick and shifting perceptions will be drawn into the mystery of Cordova.


Which books did you love reading this year? Leave a comment!

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