Stitch Fix | In Review, 2013-2014

After subscribing to Stitch Fix for a year (plus), I decided to do a kind of “in review” post where I evaluate my kept items. You can read all my  posts here

I cleaned out my closet last month in an attempt to put together a capsule wardrobe for fall. I was somewhat surprised by how few Stitch Fix items I kept in my fall rotation, and I decided to review my purchasing habits over the past year. I thought it would help me make better decisions when buying clothes, and it would help me pinpoint specific styles I keep purchasing, wearing, and loving.

Here is my super scientific review process:

  •  Calculated based on all fixes received to date, which is July 2013 – September 2014 (15 fixes total)
  • Tallied based on items received (5/box), items kept, and item type
  • A subjective analysis of which items I like more and/or serve as a fashion staple

And (drum roll!) here are my surprising results!

Received: 75 items

Kept: 33 items (44%)

Of those items I kept:

  • 17 shirts
  • 4 cardigans
  • 4 dresses
  • 3 scarves
  • 2 pairs of pants/leggings
  • 1 vest
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 necklace

I could’ve stopped there, but I decided to pick out my favorites and see what the numbers looked like:

  • 7 shirts
  • 3 cardigans
  • 0 dresses
  • 2 scarves
  • 2 pairs of pants/leggings
  • 1 vest
  • 0 skirts
  • 0 necklaces

So, 15 of those 33 items are clothes I’m still excited about. That’s 45% of what I kept, and 20% of what I received.


Honestly, I didn’t expect the numbers to be that bad. Some of it was based on circumstance – three dresses I loved months ago, but aren’t really “me” anymore. But still, that’s not a huge change. I recognized a lot of what I kept but no longer like as items I requested because other bloggers received them. My favorite items were mostly things the stylists picked for me. With my latest fix, I was very specific and didn’t focus as much on curating specific items. I will continue using Stitch Fix, but I’m going to continue modifying my strategy:

  • Develop a seasonal capsule wardrobe, including a Pinterest board, with specific feedback about colors, styles, and what does/doesn’t work
  • Do not pin specific items unless they meet the wardrobe requirements
  • Give very detailed information about your wardrobe in the style profile, and outline specific details/needs in the note for each fix
  • No impulse purchasing! Don’t make a decision about keeping an item for at least 24 hours
  • “Shop your closet” by seeing what kinds of outfit options you already have or can expand upon

Anyone else done this kind of review of their subscription box habits? Leave a note in the comments!

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