Beyond the Blog | 09.07.2014, Happy September!

beyond the blog

Here’s a sliver of life beyond the blog.

manuscripts // Made a ton of progress on my manuscript while I was on the plane flying back from NC yesterday. I ended up combining two sections and rewriting another one entirely – including characters. Moving forward by going backward, I guess!

marginalia // Since I last posted…finished Sisters of Treason (audiobook), The Magician’s Land, The Three (audiobook), Authority (Book 2 of The Southern Reach trilogy), Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, Dark Eden (my review here).

wanderlust // We’re on the cusp of hiking season here in Arizona. In fact, next weekend we plan to head up to Sedona to celebrate my birthday (it’s on Tuesday). I’m in travel overload this week – putting together the first draft of our honeymoon itinerary (Japan!) and planning some fun hiking next weekend. We won’t see anything like this pin in Sedona, though!


inspiration // This pin, a quotation from Margaret Atwood…whom I will see in November (!!!):

Margaret Atwood

blogging // Voice and range in a recent book by a favorite author. My 5 favorite beauty products. Character Study: Conflict. A new feature about healthy living.

one more thing // Since I missed the last two weeks, I’ve got a couple of 1:1000 pairings:

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