Hour with an Author | Edan Lepucki

hr with an author

Not quite sure how regularly I’ll be able to do this kind of feature, but I’m hoping that my literary tour of Phoenix will add to these profiles of author events! May include book signings, readings, panels, conference events, and the rare “look who I ran into” sightings. 

A last-minute August addition on the Changing Hands’ Events page meant I got an opportunity to attend an event at the Phoenix location. Edan Lepucki‘s debut novel California was released in the midst of the Amazon/Hachette…thing.  Perhaps you remember her from The Colbert Report?

Lepucki is very humble about the experience – very gracious of the attention and the support from her family, friends, fellow writers, and fans. There is a genuine earnestness about Lepucki, who spoke about topics ranging from Tumblr book club interactions to writing inspiration.

Lepucki talked about having written another manuscript that didn’t sell prior to this – another example of the starter manuscript phenomenon. She also mentioned that she did not expect this level of success with California, and apparently a couple of authors have likened the experience (to her) to this moment from Toy Story:


Here’s hoping for continued success!

Note: You can see a couple of images from the event on her blog here and here.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see anything else in these type of posts! I’m hoping to make them a little more image-heavy and structured moving forward.

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