Reading like a Writer | The Accident

Join me as I explore books that didn’t meet my expectations – for better or worse! They didn’t deliver; read on to find out why! Spoilers, obvi.


When I read about this book in Bloggers Recommend, I was excited to read something on the action/thriller side. I enjoy the genre, but I don’t read it as much anymore.

The Accident was entertaining and engaging, but I had a hard time buying into the manuscript reveal and the henchmen mobilization. Described as “explosive and controversial,” the manuscript never quite hits that mark for a couple of reasons.

The shattering secret – the actual accident – pales by comparison if you’re at all familiar with the Busch family legacy. Rather than a media mogul, a fictionalized August Busch IV would have had a more troubling, dark impact.

There are multiple allusions to problematic off-the-books military/secret ops international missions, but we never get more than hints. Come on. Is this Budapest?


I get there was a personal connection to the accident, but the motive and back story never really coalesce and build to a believable crescendo. It seems like exploring some more of the revelations would have helped the book feel grounded and impactful outside of the main cast of characters.


Reading like a writer lesson: when you raise your stakes, the consequences have to feel believable and real.

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