Beyond the Blog | 08.17.2014, Because it’s there

beyond the blog

Here’s a sliver of life beyond the blog.

manuscripts // I am a hot mess, writing-wise. Let’s just leave it at that. I need to prioritize my projects.

marginalia // Finally finished California, but I wasn’t as impressed with the book as I was with the writing, if that makes any sense. I also read Annihilation, the first book in the Southern Reach trilogy. I’d heard it was different and haunting. I’m going to purchase the second book in the trilogy this week. I listened to Someone Else’s Love Story, which I didn’t really like – the first time I’ve been flat-out disappointed with Joshilyn Jackson!

wanderlust // Mt. Everest (I have a deep respect for Chomolungma and zero desire to climb. Visiting Base Camp is an item on my “impossible bucket list”).


inspiration // This pin:


primped & polished // I never tried my bang braid and I kinda want to step it up with this. We’ll see!

les habillements // I’m in the process of creating an autumn capsule wardrobe, but I won’t have a full post about the inspiration, process, and items until September. In the meantime, check out my inspiration board here. You can read more about capsule wardrobes at Unfancy.

blogging // A Go Read This! post about a book I love but my mother couldn’t even finish. Hour with an author. A couple of character study posts, since I was MIA last week. July and August Stitch Fix. Pinspired post.

one more thing // Check out Natasha’s interview and August piece!

Got something to share? Drop a note in the comments!

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