My Kindle Gathers Dust

A couple of years ago, I took a weekend trip to Chicago. I lugged about ten pounds of books in my duffel bag and backpack, and after that trip I purchased my first Kindle and have sworn by it ever since – until now. So what changed my mind?

For my birthday last year, Scott upgraded me to a Kindle Paperwhite so I could read in bed without employing a book light or lamp. And with rare exception, I’ve read every book on an e-reader for the last two years. Most book acquisitions were e-books or audiobooks. Traveling was a breeze; instead of leaving luggage space and pulling things off my shelves, I just made sure to pack my charger.


I still like my Kindle (or at least, the idea of my Kindle). But as evident by my posts of late, I’m spending more time in bookstores and purchasing a larger quantity of hardback and paperback books than ebooks. I think I can trace the shift in my habits to a few key reasons:

Nostalgia. I’ve talked about my lifelong love of books here on the blog before, so the fact that I spent most summers in a constant book high shouldn’t be a surprise. There’s an element of tactile pleasure turning pages instead of swiping a screen, and that’s a familiar comfort on stressful (or even idle) days.

Shopping experience. I grew tired of nearby Barnes & Noble locations, and I never latched on to a neighborhood bookstore out here. Heck, even the Barnes & Noble back home was a better shopping experience (that might be nostalgia, too). I adore Changing Hands, and I want to walk in and purchase a book (or five). Contrast that with Amazon, which is that same screen experience that limits sensory indulgence.

Disconnect. AKA unplugging from the Matrix. I spend most of my day glued to a computer. I spend a lot of my free time writing and organizing through Scrivener or OmmWriter. With a book, I don’t feel connected – and without distractions, I can decompress and get lost in the book.

Prefer your books digitized or old school? Drop a comment and let me know!

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5 thoughts on “My Kindle Gathers Dust

  1. CL Mannarino says:

    I absolutely prefer print books to digital ones when I’m reading. Like you said, there’s a tactile experience you get with a book that you can’t find in an ereader. At the same time, I love being able to have tons of books at once with an ereader without the added weight. My favorite part of my Kindle has actually been uploading my own writing onto it as a document so that I can do rereads and proofreads.


    • Justice says:

      Yeah, I like my e-reader the most when I’m traveling or reading in bed. I haven’t used my Kindle for personal documents – that sounds like a great idea!


  2. Laura (@Bookworm) says:

    I will always prefer the experience of reading a real book to that of reading an electronic one. There are certainly conveniences to the ebook: looking up the occasional word with the press of a forefinger, a bushel of books in something that weighs ounces, the ability to make the type as large as you need. But you can’t lend them. You don’t need a favorite bookmark to mark the page. You don’t see ebooks in a tantalizing stack on your nightstand beckoning you. Half the time I forget I’ve got ebooks waiting to be read, whereas seeing the real books waiting on the nearby bookcase fill me with anticipation.


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