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Join me as I explore books that didn’t meet my expectations – for better or worse! They didn’t deliver; read on to find out why! Spoilers, obvi.


I decided to read Enclave based on this post over at Book Riot. I thought I would be getting a solid female-driven YA series.

What I got was a big ole dose of disappointment.

Now, not everyone feels this way. The reviews are positive. Several of my Goodreads friends liked or even loved it.

I didn’t like the book’s inability to show, not tell. I felt there were missed opportunities to build up the characters and setting. For example, there’s a moment where a character loses her belongings. We have a line about how she’s sad to give up a necklace because it belonged to her mother.

…so, we couldn’t have had a moment in the previous hundred pages where she looks at it? If you introduce the loss and the emotion at the same time, it doesn’t have the same impact.

Oh, and then there’s the part where the protagonist maybe starts to fall for another character whose background involves hunting people and assaulting women.


It’d be one thing if there was believable character development, but because of the whole “tell, not show” problem it felt weird.


Like this, but less Taylor Swift and more Silence of the Lambs.

Reading like a writer lesson: take it back to basics. It’s hard to pull of a gimmicky genre twist if you can’t nail basic reader engagement.

Think Enclave is amazing? Tell me why in the comments!

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