Beyond the Blog | 07.27.2014, Recovery Time

After experimenting with form, structure, and content, I’ve landed on my own Sunday recap/preview series. Here’s a sliver of life beyond the blog.

manuscripts // This weekend, I decided enough was enough. I’m writing, but it’s not the same – not the same quality, not the same amount, and not the same depth. I spent a good two hours overhauling my home office so I can be productive again. What a difference that has made. It’s a nice, clean space and already I feel disentangled and more creative. What a difference a good writing environment makes.

marginalia // I decided to call it quits with Under the Dome. I’ve been plodding along with it for over a month, and there are so many other books I’d rather be reading – like Rainbow Rowell’s Landline! Look for a Reading Like a Writer post in the near(ish) future. I got sick last week and was a lazy, nauseated mess, so I read/listened to several books: Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park and Landline, and Andy Hall’s Denali’s Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America’s Wildest Peak (just in case y’all thought I was getting soft on you). I hemmed and hawed over what to start next and settled on Megan Abbot’s The Fever.

wanderlust // Prague, Czech Republic


inspiration // This pin:


primped & polished // I’m trying to get better at using the products I have and get better with beauty in general. I post a lot of subscription box reviews because I can have an opinion about bronzer, but I can’t HAC (highlight and contour) for shit. Also, much like ANTM Cycle 8 contestant Natasha, I usually think the “Don’t” photo is what I’m supposed to going for. TL;DR, my beauty posts should be #IHaveNoIdeaWhatImDoing. And this week, I’m going with another easy trick that I can pull off with the products in my bag: this inner glow eye makeup.

les habillements // Last week I kind of cheated by picking a comfy jeans outfit. To be fair, I can only try to pull off a few of my pinned outfits a) at work and b) in 100+ degree weather. Oh, and I’m really tired and would like to sleep, so maybe I can just try my best to look decent?

Fine. Pink & orange. I’m doing it. I guess.

blogging // I failed with my post schedule last week – nothing like being reduced to 48 hours of water and saltines to drop those energy levels. A Reading Like a Writer feature. My first real litPhoenix post – for real this time. Something I stupidly titled “???? writing” (I’m guessing I hadn’t come up with it yet, but it could be underpants gnomes writing). Another 1:1000 post. A cool blog announcement (it rhymes with shmiveaway). A pinspired aftermath recap (for the last two weeks).

one more thing // You can get a month of Marvel Unlimited for $0.99 – promo code valid through July 29th.

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