One-Liner Reviews | 2014, Part I

Here are some brief notes on the books I’ve read lately that haven’t made the GRT cut. Click the cover image to go straight to Goodreads for more information!


Analysis of history’s biggest female authors; a little white-washed but a quick read.


Mystery about a relatable madam, oh damn!


Watch your head and check your judgments.


I don’t remember this book other than I enjoyed it at the time; that’s like an endorsement, right?


A little dated and formulaic, but an interesting blockbuster lit analysis nonetheless.


I kind of stopped caring after a while, but it was well-written with interesting characters.


Don’t believe the description, this is not quite that story.


One of the creepiest books I have read; it’ll stay with you (watch out, parents).


Not as good as Desire of the Everlasting Hills.


Show, don’t tell – no, no, stop telling us, start showing us; oh my gosh, never mind.


Spoiler alert, you’ll probably figure out one of the twists just from the description.


A coming-of-age story in a pre-apocalyptic world, this one is sad, sweet, and too short!


An interesting mystery, but doesn’t quite hit the high points it should.


The “high” stakes never feel larger than flea circus-sized.


A little dated, but still just as entertaining!


Don’t read if you’re expecting the same sharp wit and visceral emotion of the TV series.


Great promo for the upcoming novel – let’s see if that delivers what this promised…


Overhyped for me and I just didn’t get it!

Disagree about any of these reviews? Want to know more? Leave a comment and let me know!

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