This Week, 06.23.2014

I adore Lily Pebbles’ blog, and her Wear Life Eats posts offer a glimpse beyond the standard beauty fare she posts. I’m also a fan of Kim’sCurrently” as it acts as a quick snapshot of  broader topics. Consider this an homage to those lovely bloggers.

Reading Last week I read Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome. It’s a new novella by John Scalzi, and I totally devoured it. I’m still tapping through Under the Dome. I also went to a wonderful bookstore with a bar, and I may have purchased like, ten pounds of books so my TBR pile (digital and tangible) is just out of control right now.

Listening I finished The Enchanted this morning, and I have to say…eh. It was underwhelming. I also purchased The Interestings, courtesy of a rec on my last post. It is engaging and fabulous and I can’t wait to write the inevitable GRT post.

Watching I added a few new things to my queue (or – list? Is that what we’re calling it these days, Netflix?). I’ve started rewatching Malcolm in the Middle. Rewatch isn’t quite accurate; I watched the first two seasons when it was on the air, so now that I’m into S3, I’m not sure what I’m getting.

Eating & Drinking Trip 2 to NC commences Friday afternoon. On Saturday, I will be at that bakery. In addition, I made a quiche this weekend and it is good. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that I’ve gotten the basics under my belt, I think I’ll be able to improve variations in the future.

Exercising Back to work means working out is harder. I didn’t exercise as much last week as I wanted to – partially because of laziness, partially because of jet lag and lower back pain. I did go on an unexpectedly long, hot hike that was uphill both ways, and I’m integrating more core work into my exercise routine. Brutal, but worth it.

Wearing Nothing I wore camping this weekend, because those were some comfy layers that now stink!

Writing Toying around with that longer short story and some flash fiction pieces.

Blogging I’m so behind on my blog posts – refining the author post, my 1:1000 write-up, the never-ending diversity in reading post, and “one liner reviews.” I also want to post about that hike I mentioned above, because it’s a helluva story. Oh, and this Saturday marks the last Saturday of the month, so a deluge of subscription box posts.

Anticipating Seeing our family and getting a nice NC/NJ vacay starting Friday!

What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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