This Week, 06.17.2014

I adore Lily Pebbles’ blog, and her Wear Life Eats posts offer a glimpse beyond the standard beauty fare she posts. I’m also a fan of Kim’sCurrently” as it acts as a quick snapshot of  broader topics. Consider this an homage to those lovely bloggers.

Reading One of my new favorite YA authors, Suzanne Young, released The Treatment, the follow-up to The Program. I also started Stephen King’s Under the Dome, and have forced myself to shelve it until I finish some pressing projects. King is pretty addictive…

Listening I’m finishing up The Pillars of the Earth audiobook and should be done today. I have two credits on Audible – any suggestions?

Watching I’ve hit a plateau with my Netflix/Hulu queue of late. Any recommendations? I have a lot in my Netflix list, just no desire to watch or rewatch…

Eating & Drinking I just got back from a trip to North Carolina to visit my parents and already I can’t wait to go back. I hadn’t been to NC since October, and there were so many cool new places open in my small college hometown. It’s slow and sleepy in the summer without many students, so I got to relish my experiences at a new market and a new bakery. I went there three of the four days I was in town!

Exercising I spent a lot of time walking Huckleberry with my parents while I was in NC. I was able to swim for ten minutes on Sunday, but I gave up my prime spot at the smaller pool so a father/son could bond. I’ve been hitting between 9-12K steps every day for the last week, so go me and my no-longer-sedentary lifestyle!

Wearing I’m in between jeans again, where I have several pairs now too big and many more still too small. I ended up buying a pair of very comfortable cropped jeans at J. Crew right before I left. They were marked down to $50, so that was a nice treat. And they are amazing. I always thought cropped pants looked a little odd on me. Maybe these still do, but paired with loose cotton t-shirts and flip-flops, I couldn’t be happier.

Writing Still working on the manuscript and novella, of course. One of my flash fiction pieces ballooned into a short story. My plane ride yesterday allowed me to write 2500 words (!) – the (now) short story, which is still unfinished, and a flash fiction piece for The Speakeasy!

Blogging Because I had WiFi issues in NC and didn’t finish/queue up posts, almost everything from last week is still unpublished – the diversity in reading, literary Phoenix, hour with an author…eesh. I’ll also have a 1:1000 blog post up soon, since my latest went live…today!

Anticipating Honestly, I’m kind of jet-lagged and trying to get back to a routine, so I’m not quite sure what I’m most excited to see.

What’s up in your neck of the woods?

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