Julep Review | May Box

Julep is my only nails/nail care beauty box subscription. The basic “Maven” box is $19.99/month to feed my manicure problem. Each month you can preview the different boxes and products options. While you have a beauty “style,” it’s very customizable so you can pick the colors/products you want. 

My May Maven box featured the following Classic with a Twist products:

  • Maddy nail polish
  • Ramona nail polish
  • The infamous Plié wand


Maddy was a fairly close dupe for Queen Vic, I polish I adored but managed to break when moving. It’s a color I know I like and will end up wearing more in the fall, because I’m strange like that.

Ramona was somewhat disappointing. I loved the color in the online preview – just plain gorgeous lavender. My skin tone didn’t do the polish any favors. It looked…sickly. I figure I can use some of my more sheer polishes over it or finagle some nail art pattern to make it usable in my manicure collection.

The Plié wand was weird. I did not enjoy using it. I don’t have a ton of problems painting my nails, but I did with this. Also, I (for some reason) thought the wand was more rubbery and would form to my hand wherever I chose to bend it. I nearly broke the hard plastic in half – oops! I’m putting this tool on the shelf, so to speak.

I also opted to add on the following for a reduced cost:

  • Kam nail polish
  • Laree nail polish
  • Freedom to Go top coat duo

I kicked myself for doing a great manicure with Kam and forgetting to take a picture before heading to the gym the next day. Turns out these polishes do not stand up to chlorine (from the pool), the steam room, and a shower. I saw online a few people describe this as “hospital green,” but I think it may depend on skin tone. It was a pretty gray/green for me.

Much like April’s bright pink Caitlin, Laree is my new go-to pedicure color. It’s just so happy! It’s a stellar cross of pink and orange, and it goes on smooth. I found myself reapplying whenever there was the slightest hint of wear. Normally I just let the polish chip away until I pick something else out.


Overall, a solid box that will add to my collection. Keep it up, Julep!

Any other Julep subscribers out there? What did you pick for your May box?

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or compensated by Julep, but I do get a referral credit if you click on the links above.

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