Golden Tote | April Review

Golden Tote is a quasi-subscription box clothing service for women. The beauty of Golden Tote is there are multiple options at different price points, and you can opt-in when you feel like it:

  • $49: 1 item of your choice, 1-2 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • $149: 2 items of your choice, 4-5 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • Individual items from the boutique

There’s some overlap between the $49 and $149 totes, but they aren’t the same – which is nice for variety, but not so nice if there’s something you want in both totes. You are also able to purchase individual items from the boutique (for a drastically reduced rate if they are part of a tote). Items selected by the stylists are based on survey results. The survey is simple: basic sizing information as well as color and style preferences.

For April, I went with the $149 option. I really wanted one of the dresses and a shirt. Hell, I even added on another shirt (for a reduced price) that I really liked.


This may not be the best $149 I’ve ever spent, but it’s up there.

Here is everything in my order:


Self-selected items:


A beautiful eyelet colorblock dress.


A black scalloped tiered tank.


A fun summer tank.


And the stylist-selected picks:


A great lace baseball tee and black cami.


An “afternoon tea” hi-lo floral tank.


A striped dress.


Another floral tank, but with a different cut and bolder palette.


My Golden Tote orders are officially better in warmer months. There wasn’t a single missed note with this order. Hello, summertime!

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or compensated by Golden Tote.

Any other Golden Tote fans out there? What did you get in the April tote?

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