Julep Review | April Box

Julep is my only nails/nail care beauty box subscription. The basic “Maven” box is $19.99/month to feed my manicure problem. Each month you can preview the different boxes and products options. While you have a beauty “style,” it’s very customizable so you can pick the colors/products you want. 

My April Maven box featured the following Classic with a Twist products:

  • Mariska nail polish
  • Caitlin nail polish
  • Peach Bellini Glow Pore Minimizing Blush
  • Candy


I also opted to add one three more polishes for a reduced cost:

  • Flora nail polish
  • Phoebe nail polish
  • Kayla nail polish

Surprisingly, my favorite product has been the blush. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it so far. I think this will be my new standby cheek color.

(Yes, that’s a plastic sheet on top of the blush, but that design is stellar.)


The polishes aren’t terrible, but I haven’t tried them as much. They are incredibly bright – possibly a little too bold for some, to be honest.

Top to bottom: Caitlin, Mariska, Phoebe, Kayla, Flora

Top to bottom: Caitlin, Mariska, Phoebe, Kayla, Flora

But with something called “The Vivid Collection,” what would you expect?

Left to right: Caitlin, Mariska, Phoebe, Kayla, Flora

Left to right: Caitlin, Mariska, Phoebe, Kayla, Flora

Another bonus with Julep polishes: those swatch caps. It really opens up your storage options.

Caitlin has been a great pedicure color. After a week with very long days in the office, it’s been an unexpected treat to kick off my shoes and see that bright pink. It’s the little things, you know?

Kayla is probably my least favorite color of the bunch – too sheer for me.

I’m thinking Phoebe or Mariska will be the next ones I try out, but almost all of these will get plenty of wear this summer.

Any other Julep subscribers out there? What did you pick for your April box?

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or compensated by Julep, but I do get a referral credit if you click on the links above.

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