Golden Tote | March Review

Time for another Golden Tote review…but first, the details for any newbies out there:

Golden Tote is a quasi-subscription box clothing service for women. The beauty of Golden Tote is there are multiple options at different price points, and you can opt-in when you feel like it:

  • $49: 1 item of your choice, 1-2 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • $149: 2 items of your choice, 4-5 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • Individual items from the boutique

There’s some overlap between the $49 and $149 totes, but they aren’t the same – which is nice for variety, but not so nice if there’s something you want in both totes. You are also able to purchase individual items from the boutique (for a drastically reduced rate if they are part of a tote).

The items selected by the stylists are based on survey results. The survey is simple: basic sizing information as well as color and style preferences.

After a disappointing November order, I took a break from ordering from Golden Tote. But with March’s $49 tote, I knew I had to give it another try.


I selected the pink plaid shirt and purchased the navy/coral dress as an add-on.

As it tends to happen, the piece I picked out for my tote was my least favorite item. A pink plaid shirt isn’t all that exciting, but I know I will wear it.


The navy/coral dress is fabulous. It fits well and is very comfortable. I’ve already worn it to work twice.


I also got this soft Puella shirt. I have a similar one in different colors and love it, so this was a nice addition to my closet.

So far it seems my Golden Tote orders are better in the warmer months. Or maybe it’s just because I like in Arizona and don’t have as many cool days to experiment with weird sweaters.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or compensated by Golden Tote.

Any other Golden Tote fans out there? What did you get in the March tote?

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