GLOSSYBOX Review | February Box

I decided to try out some new beauty subscription boxes. Most of these I discovered through beauty blogs I follow. GLOSSYBOX seemed to have consistent favorable reviews. Although it’s a higher price point ($21), I thought I would give it a try based on the quality of the products, volume/size of the samples, and variety of the brands. There is a beauty profile feature, which seems pretty standard across the board.

Bonus-wise, you get 20 points for each review and 200 points for each referral. Annoying thing? I can’t find a referral link! Turns out you have to manually link up Twitter/Facebook/GMail or invite friends. I don’t want to spam folks, so I guess this one’s a freebie. If you really feel strongly about helping me earn points, just comment on this post and I’ll reach out to you with an invite email.

And with that out of the way, on to the good stuff! My February box featured the following:

  • Anatomicals | Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches
  • Lauren B. Beauty | Nail Couture in City of Angels
  • Pureology Serious Colour Care | Colour Fanatic
  • Skin&Co Roma | Truffle Therapy Serum Plus
  • Sumita Beauty | Kala Color Intense Eye Pencil


Anatomicals | Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches
Alas, no review here. I have super sensitive skin around my eyes, and the one patch I lightly placed on my face started burning within about five seconds. Sadly, “immediate burning sensation” is a side effect of about 90% of the eye treatments I’ve tried, so if this sounds like your cup of tea, try it. I mean, I still have two unopened samples…

Lauren B. Beauty | Nail Couture in City of Angels
I was pleasantly surprised; having never tried the (brand new) company, I thought it would be just another Essie pink. Wrong – this was a great color, which somehow looked chic but modern. It really complimented my skin tone and was perfect for a professional manicure. Amp up the edge factor with a bold reverse French style.


Pureology Serious Colour Care | Colour Fanatic
My new approach to hair products is to use them once on their own and once as part of my regular hair styling. Sometimes I get a little lazy in the morning and the second trial doesn’t happen immediately. Oops. Anyway, this is a primer/protector for color-treated hair. Because I have a phenomenal hair stylist who knows a thing (or a million) about hair coloring, I don’t see a ton of awful fading. I guess this does its job and will be a good travel product. Unexpected bonus? My hair was really soft after I used it.

Skin&Co Roma | Truffle Therapy Serum Plus
I do not understand the point of a serum. They seem to be kind of pointless. On the plus side, this one had a nice smell and didn’t seem to make me break out as soon as it was applied to my face (a result of a product from one of my unposted Birchbox reviews). So if serums are your thing, maybe try this one? I don’t know.

Sumita Beauty | Kala Color Intense Eye Pencil
I was really excited about this product, but it was frustrating. It’s the first marker-style eyeliner I’ve ever tried, so it’s probably user error more than anything else, but damn. This stuff does not come off. I mean, I wore it for an event on a Friday night and after several rounds of makeup remover, face washes, and showers, there was still eyeliner residue smeared around my eyes.

Overall, GLOSSYBOX shows promise. I didn’t love everything I got, but it had several solid products that I will continue using.

Any other GLOSSYBOX subscribers out there? What kind of luck have you had with the February box?

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by or compensated by GLOSSYBOX, but I do get a referral credit if you send me an engraved invitation requesting a link.

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