Journey | Mountain Pass

Enjoy the latest entry in the Journey series.

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These tracks are different. The stone is hard and cool under my feet. Specks of gravel pierce through worn soles. Not for the first time, I miss my old bent tree.

It’s different for Father. The road energizes him. The mountains look promising, not menacing. With each burst of cold wind, he inhales and smiles.

“Can’t you tell, Grey?” Father laughs. “She has been here. You can feel her in the wind.”

I see it: a little patch of sky that looks like a blue heart amidst the clouds. It’s not much, but it reminds me that life is fragile, and hope is a scarce commodity. I won’t be the one to deprive Father of that.

“You’re right,” I tell him, “She’s in the wind.”

3 thoughts on “Journey | Mountain Pass

  1. robertsonwrites says:

    This writing takes me write back to the classics, pulling you right in with a few simple words, letting you connect with the characters immediately. Not something that a lot of writers can accomplish. Be proud!


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