Stitch Fix | December & January Boxes

Time for another Stitch Fix review…but first, the details for any newbies out there:

Stitch Fix is a subscription box clothing service for women. You can set up a recurring monthly subscription, or you can schedule the service as-needed.

With each box, you are sent five items selected by a stylist based on an extensive style survey. The process is very in-depth, which can be a turn-off for some users who don’t want to spend so much time answering questions, ranking orders, and giving feedback to the stylists about each item and fix. You can specify a lot of style preferences both in general and for each order.

When you receive your order, you have three days to try on your items. Decide what you want, check out online, and send the remaining items back in the envelope included with your shipment.

There is a $20 “styling fee” for each box. However, the $20 fee is deducted from your purchase. In addition, there is a 25% discount if you keep all five items.

My top tips for a great fix:

Details are key – offer lots of specific likes and dislikes in your profile and your order feedback.

Link to your fashion-specific Pinterest board (here’s mine – and yes, I pin specific Stitch Fix items).

Check out other bloggers’ posts for feedback and tips (you can request specific stylists with your orders!).

Be honest about price points! Stitch Fix allows you to specify a price range for each type of item they offer; I ended up with much better results after I adjusted my price ranges to reflect my actual fashion budget (erm: as cheap as possible).

December and January were two more good months. I ended up keeping all of my December items (remember, that 25% discount sometimes makes it cheaper!). I mean, when you open up your box and it looks like this, that’s a distinct possibility:


Uh, cute red belt? Fun and fan patterns? Hello!


Because I kept this post queued way too long and then because life happened, I neglected to include the names of the items. I normally keep my style cards, but a recent cleaning binge means you get nothing but pictures. December’s theme seemed to be “work and play chic.”


A black and beige elephant and polka dot print top that is super comfy and great paired with jeans and a blazer. I would wear this to work every Friday if I could.


Another great work-friendly top, this bold berry shade looks amazing with my skin tone and fits like a dream.


Well, it’s green. And it’s a really soft, casual chic sweater. It works with jeans and leggings. And it’s a pattern. Yep, I kept it.


I was so happy to get this sweater. I had it on my Pinterest board and it looked great in other bloggers’ pictures. It more than lived up to my expectations, and I get compliments every time I wear it.


This has a great retro feel, and it looks beautiful. You can’t tell from the photo, but the polka dot pattern is actually from the texture of the fabric. I love this for work.

Now, January wasn’t as solid a fix. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – frankly, with how solid November and December were, I wasn’t sure if I could get a third perfect fix in a row. I also kind of hoped it wouldn’t be the case, since I can’t get into the habit of shelling out for a full fix every month. January’s fix was interesting, though!


I would never pick out one of these cardigans in a store, but I loved the soft fabric and the draping. Plus I’m on a real black/white/gray kick lately, so the colors meshed with my closet picks. The verdict? Kept it!

IMG_3611 IMG_3612

Eesh. Black pants are black. I don’t know, I don’t get super excited about “work” pants. I usually buy them at Ye Olde Target because they’re like $30 and I can wear them for months without needing a replacement. The fabric was scratchy and just plain weird, so this was a pass.


Recognize this? Yeah, so it was a pass because I already own it.



This shirt. I liked it, but it was a disaster waiting to happen. The fabric was really thin, and the shoulder embellishments weren’t as secure as they should be for someone as clumsy as me. If I had made it through a day without tearing on a bag or purse, I would have been surprised. Definitely a pass. You gotta know your limits.



A moss green dress with a cowl neck and sleeves. Work appropriate. Date night appropriate. It’s even soft, not scratchy. Definitely a keeper. I’m saving it for a special occasion.

And with that, I’m caught up with Stitch Fix reviews just in time for February’s fix to arrive on Thursday!

Any other Stitch Fix fans out there? What pieces did you get this month?

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