Journey | The Second Settlement

I decided to do something new: write a short vignette about the image below, similar in style to Erin Morgenstern’s flax-golden tales (I love them!). The difference? The shorter vignette fits into a larger story, which I will continue to write until the characters tell me I’m done.

Feedback always appreciated.



Many of the buildings have fallen into disuse. That is part of the reason I find this settlement to be so comforting: it reminds me of home.

I call it the second settlement. The residents seem to find that funny, as though there shouldn’t be more than one. Father says that to many of them, that is true.

“Think of it like this, Grey: a few weeks ago, you only knew our settlement,” Father reminds me. “And you never saw a church like this before.”

We’re staying with a small woman named Sasha until the settlement knows what to do with us – or what we know what to do with them. I like her, because of her kindness and books and way she makes Father smile.

Sasha runs a small book-lending service. She shows me a few thick ones with pictures of massive churches called cathedrals. They are beautiful and tall, with bright-colored windows.

I want to see a cathedral, but I don’t think I ever will.

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