Stitch Fix | October Box

October was by far my most successful Stitch Fix to date (though the November items look very promising!).

I heard about Stitch Fix through a food blog I follow. Stitch Fix is a subscription box clothing service for women. You can set up a recurring monthly subscription, or you can schedule the service as-needed.

With each box, you are sent five items selected by a stylist based on an extensive style survey. The process is very in-depth, which can be a turn-off for some users who don’t want to spend so much time answering questions, ranking orders, and giving feedback to the stylists about each item and fix. You can specify a lot of style preferences both in general and for each order. I will admit, it takes a little more time than a service like Golden Tote, but my results of late have made me a true Stitch Fix fan.

When you receive your order, you have three days to try on your items. Decide what you want, check out online, and send the remaining items back in the envelope included with your shipment.

There is a $20 “styling fee” for each box. However, the $20 fee is deducted from your purchase. In addition, there is a 25% discount if you keep all five items.

My top tips for a great fix:

  • Details are key – offer lots of specific likes and dislikes in your profile and your order feedback
  • Link to your fashion-specific Pinterest board (here’s mine – and yes, I pin specific Stitch Fix items)
  • Check out other bloggers’ posts for feedback and tips (you can request specific stylists with your orders!)
  • Be honest about price points! Stitch Fix allows you to specify a price range for each type of item they offer; I ended up with much better results after I adjusted my price ranges to reflect my actual fashion budget (erm: as cheap as possible)

My October shipment was great. I knew it would be when I opened the box and saw an intriguing necklace, chevron, and something green with a fun pattern.


It looks even better laid out.


Here are the items I kept:


The necklace! Ignore the golden glare from my indoor lighting (ick) – this is a great adjustable silver tone piece. It’s really versatile; it works at the collarbone level and when it is adjusted to the full length.


Yeah, so my stylists and I have acknowledged that if it is chevron (especially black and white), I will keep it. This was no exception. But honestly, what I really loved the most about this dress wasn’t the pattern – it was the pockets and the back.


I don’t tend to go for a lower back or an exposed zipper, but I’ve started getting out of my fashion comfort zone. When I tried this on, I knew I had to keep it.


Unf. This blouse. It’s dark green with gold accents (they’re birds – cue Portlandia joke!). I hate gold accents, but as soon as I tried this on I snipped the tags. It was just different enough to stand out in my closet, and it looks sophisticated – I can easily dress this up or down.

Now for my “one that got away” piece – my first pair of jeans from Stitch Fix, which were an unfortunate bust.



I liked that they were not your basic denim, and the price was fine. However, I wanted the color to be even darker and the fit to be a little better – they were tight at the thighs and hips. If you’d like to see them on, check out this blogger’s post – they are seriously amazing on her, which makes me wish I’d kept them…except they would never have looked as good on me, so I should just get over it.

Finally, my one complete miss of the box:



I was excited about this asymmetrical cardigan with leather inserts. The only problem? It looked better on the hanger than on me. I spent ten minutes trying to fix the way it draped and zipped and tied, but nothing worked. Also, the way the leather inserts hit the seams were just awkward on me – I’m talking permanent shoulder nipples. I didn’t feel so bad sending this one back!

So, that was the October box – and as I’m typing this for the queue, it sounds like the November box just arrived. Can’t wait to see what is in there!

Any other Stitch Fix fans out there? What do you like/dislike about the service?

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