Birchbox Review | October Box

Another delayed Birchbox review! Time for my usual shill:

For those who haven’t heard of it, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service for women and men. The cost is $10/month for the women’s box and $20/month for the men’s box. You fill out a survey and the company sends you products that pair well with your results. Product sizes may vary – many are smaller samples, but a full-size product or bonus item slips in now and then. Each order nets ten points, and you earn more points with reviews for the box products. You also earn points when you make a purchase from the store or refer someone to the service. Every 100 points is $10 to spend on goodies.

October’s box featured the following:

  • Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Shampoo
  • Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Conditioner
  • Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up
  • Karuna Clarifying Mask
  • Birchbox Find (a mass market bonus product): Chapstick


This box was mostly hits:

Beauty de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Shampoo // Beauty de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Conditioner
I can tell this will be a good shampoo and conditioner “interval” duo.  When I need a weekend break from my regular hair products, these will be nice stand-ins. Also: tons of shine, but no grease.

Benefit Fake-Up
I have trouble with concealers, but I’d heard good things about Benefit’s Fake-Up and Erase Paste. I love my trial sample and have used it several times – it’s super moisturizing and blends really well. I will definitely pick this one up at Ulta next time I go (as it is cream-based, I’m hesitant to order it and have it sitting in my mailbox).

Karuna Clarifying Mask
I wanted to try this mask per the instructions (clean face, plenty of time to sit around), so it took a while. When I finally opened up the sample, I realized that I do not like cloth-based masks. Seriously, it was like a serial killer thing. Next time a cloth mask will just go in my giveaway pile.

Also, the Chapstick was…Chapstick? Yeah, I got nothing for you.

Any other Birchbox subscribers out there? What kind of luck have you had with the September box?

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