Battle of the Boxes: Golden Tote

As you can probably tell from my Birchbox reviews, this was the summer I discovered the convenience and fun of subscription boxes. This week, I’m featuring two clothing subscription boxes in a head-to-head battle. First up: Golden Tote!

I heard about Golden Tote this summer. Golden Tote is a quasi-subscription box clothing service for women. The beauty of Golden Tote is there are multiple options at different price points, and you can opt-in when you feel like it:

  • $49: 1 item of your choice, 1-2 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • $149: 2 items of your choice, 4-5 items selected by the Golden Tote stylists
  • Individual items from the boutique

There’s some overlap between the $49 and $149 totes, but they aren’t the same – which is nice for variety, but not so nice if there’s something you want in both totes. Being able to purchase individual items from the boutique (often for a drastically reduced rate with a tote).

The items selected by the stylists are based on survey results. The survey is simple: basic sizing information as well as color and style preferences. From my experience, I can tell you simpler is better: almost every piece I’ve gotten has been a great fit in my closet.


Your order comes wrapped in gold tissue paper. Marketing! Under the gold tissue paper…an actual “golden tote”:



These are the two different designs I’ve received so far.

Now, here are the items I’ve picked out for myself:


Puella Swing Dress (worn belted, of course – you can see it in the styling picture below)


I also purchased the above Eiffel Tower shirt as a tote add-on. It’s really sheer with an elastic waist. It looks great dressed up or down.


Houndstooth print dress – I love this one. I really want to buy the red/black style as well, but I worry that may be too much for my closet.


Boho Lux Dress – I’ve gotten so many compliments on this one! This is another piece that comes in a different color that I want to order as well.

For the stylist-selected pieces, I’ve had more hits than misses. Let’s start with the hits first.


I love this sweater. It’s edgy but fun, and it’s not overly sheer – perfect for autumn in Phoenix when it’s chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon.


I love a good pattern, and this dress is all about polka dots gone a little mad. It fits really well and is perfect for work or a night out.


I was really skeptical of this piece. I’m not usually into the beaded/crystal embellishments, nor am I a huge fan of short-sleeved sweaters. However, this has a great classic look that pairs well with a lot of pieces in my closet.


Navy? Peplum (more obvious when it’s on)? Meh. I wasn’t a fan when I pulled this out of the tote. I tried it and was sold. It’s comfy and perfect for a summer night.


This is a pretty standard slate blue 3/4-sleeve top. Basics are nice every so often.

Of course, there are some misses…and two of them are actually kind of hilarious they are so off-point for me.


A drop-waist tunic. I don’t think so. If only this had been a regular black tunic with a unique neckline!


I love patterns, but I can’t get behind crazy competing patterns. When I saw this, I’m pretty sure I said something like “What-is-this-I-don’t-even?!” The fit isn’t terrible, but the patterns made me look crazy frumpy.


I want to like this shirt, but the patterns somehow make my body look both lumpy and jagged. Seriously, I love this shirt until I put it on and look in the mirror.

Tune in for the other contender on Thursday: Stitch Fix!

Any other Golden Tote fans out there? What do you like/dislike about the service?

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