Pin It to Win It | Layered Nail Art

For my second Pin It to Win It (PITWI), I was pinspired by a cool nail art tutorial from The Beauty Department, one of my favorite beauty blogs.


Here’s the gist: use reinforcement stickers to create a heart-shaped pattern on your nails, then repeat. You’ll get a cool triple-layer design that looks great with a variety of color schemes (coordinating, contrasting, etc).




  1. Paint a light layer of your first color. Do not paint the entire nail – you’ll end up with way too many thick layers at the end.
  2. Place your reinforcement stickers on your nails. I found it was easier to do one hand at a time. Also, you’ll want to space the stickers out pretty far to get the heart shape.
  3. Paint your second layer of color, wait about ninety seconds, and remove the stickers. It’s best to wait a while before proceeding (I gave it ten minutes to be on the safe side).
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with your third color.
  5. Add a clear top coat.
  6. Clean up inadvertent errors with nail polish remover and brush.


I went with a neutral to black progression, but how fun would a color palette be? Or primary colors? A holiday theme could be fun, too.

Got other ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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