Modify Monday | Sleep Better

As part of my latest “live healthy” efforts, I’m focusing on a long-term problem: my sleep habits. One thing I’ve started doing is tracking my sleep using the Sleep Cycle app on my phone. It keeps tabs on how much I’ve slept, and it’s very customizable. I’ve entered a few categories to see how certain actions affect my sleep. There have been some behaviors with unsurprising results:

  • Drinking soda by far has the worst effect on my sleep
  • Doing anything technology-related prior to bed also has an adverse effect of my night of sleep

However, the data also had a few bombshells I wasn’t expecting:

  • Eating takeout (usually Thai food for us) actually has a positive effect
  • Eating late also has a positive effect on my sleep – but that can’t be good for my metabolism, right?
  • Both drinking tea and working out seem to be neutral; more data may reveal a different pattern
  • Reading before bed is one of the worst behaviors

Seeing the different patterns laid out with data gives me some opportunities for improvement in a lot of different areas – food and drink, exercise, and general well-being. As I continue to use the app, I hope to see new patterns emerge and find some new behaviors to analyze. Maybe I’ll finally be getting good sleep by the end of the year!

What about you all? Are there any patterns you see with your sleep habits? What behaviors should be reinforced? Which ones should be redirected?

4 thoughts on “Modify Monday | Sleep Better

  1. Charisse says:

    Hi Erin! Just had to share this. I have been thinking about my sleep patterns for a while now. I had no idea a sleep app existed. I downloaded the Android one and will see how I make out. Thanks for sharing!


    • Justice says:

      I didn’t know about it either! It’s pretty helpful – there’s a feature that lets you rate your sleep when you wake up. I have a lot of grumpy faces so far…


    • Justice says:

      It’s funny – reading helps me fall asleep, but I guess the quality of sleep isn’t as high. I almost always try to read before bed because it helps me drift off, but maybe I should find a buffer activity or something!


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