Modify Monday | Organize, Assess, Recover

Goodness. It has been a whirlwind. I can’t believe it is already March.

On the plus side, I crossed off a huge time commitment last week. I had a big work component to which I dedicated a lot of my lunch/free time. Now I have a lot more time back in my day, and it’s already making a huge difference. In fact, I spent most of Saturday baking (I have so many PITWI posts backlogged right now) and tonight I was able to just come home and relax with Huckleberry and the fella. So nice!

I thought I would break up some of my focal points for this week into smaller categories to help manage.


  • My desk. It’s a hot mess. There’s books, mail, jewelry, and office supplies everywhere. It looks like Hurricane Justice up in here.
  • My blog queue. I have a bunch of unpublished book reviews and PITWI posts that need a little polish and a lot of posting!
  • Twitter lists. I’ve consolidated two accounts and I’m about to consolidate a third (my old food Twitter account), and I’m using lists to keep up with content.


  • Writing. I’m attending a big conference at the beginning of April and participating in a pitch slam event; I want the manuscript in “ready to send samples if requested” status. I generated some interest at the October conference, but I have yet to actually query any of the agents because I realized I need to do more work before it goes out. 
  • Reading challenge progress. From some of the spreadsheet tracking so far, it looks like some of the challenges don’t have books logged yet. I need to get on that (without making it a source of stress, because reading is fun!).


  • General health. After getting really sick last week (I only worked one full day; otherwise I was in late/early or not at all!), I need to watch out and boost my immune system responses.
  • Sleep. My sleep habits during the week are kind of abysmal.

What about you all? How would you categorize your focal points for the coming week?

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