Modify Monday | Get Back on Track

The last couple of weeks have been a little rough, schedule-wise. I’ve had an additional commitment outside of work that I’ve had to balance; getting adjusted has, well, taken some adjustment. Also, said additional commitment wraps up this month and then I’ll have my lunches and nights back! The easiest thing to cut back on was blogging, but I’m thrilled to say that my mini-hiatus (for my regular weekly features, that is) is over and I’ll be back to posting that good ole original content y’all love.

…with a few changes, that is.

Tim Gunn taught me in high school that I need to make it work. No, I’m not a designer. Some days I can barely dress myself (there was a notably bad outfit one time consisting of brown loafers, gray pants that hit at my ankles, a blue shirt, and a cream cardigan with multi-colored threads; it was even worse than it sounds).

I’m going to be a little more proactive and draft posts earlier in the week, rather than waiting until the day of when “inspiration strikes.” Most of the time, inspiration actually strikes pretty early and I have a few ideas boiling; what ends up getting written is whatever I’m really feeling at that given moment. I’ve had one Writer Wednesday post drafted that I keep coming back to and tweaking for, oh, three weeks now.

Free Write Friday is also just not working. I love me some alliteration, but Friday is just the worst day to do a free write! I’m tired and it’s difficult (er, impossible) for me to get up early on that last workday. I’m usually busy during lunch; regardless, I have a hard time getting in the “writing zone” at work. Cubicle gray is just pushing it, inspiration-wise. So, problem-solving to the rescue! I’ll do my free write earlier in the week and post on Friday instead.

What about you guys? How are you doing with some of your goals? How have you re-prioritized to make it work?

(Also, you’ll notice that I migrated some of my content from my old cheapblackpens Tumblr over as “best of” entries this evening. Enjoy!)

One thought on “Modify Monday | Get Back on Track

  1. Karen says:

    It’s weird but this year I decided to have no goals lol

    Blogging was getting a little too *job* like for me and I want it to return to a hobby.

    Since adopting this attitude I’ve actually been more productive with reading and reviewing. I guess it was more mental pressure that I was putting on myself, once I eased up I started enjoying it more.

    Good luck to you!


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