Modify Monday | (Re)Build My Vocabulary

I consider myself a well-read individual with a strong vocabulary, but I know that lately I haven’t been bringing my A game. When I moved to Phoenix, I was really unhappy with my first job and wanted something more challenged. I applied for a Gender Studies PhD program kind of on a whim, which entailed taking the GRE. As part of my prep, I got tons of practice books and flash cards. I gave most of it away after I didn’t get in (and work had vastly improved with a promotion to a new position at that point). The one thing I kept was my vocab flash cards. My idea was that I would review them to either remember something long dormant (we had a very intense middle school vocabulary curriculum) or learn something brand new.

That never really happened. The flash cards have been floating around for years now. They have a lovely spot on my desk in my home office, but they’re gathering dust. To that I say no more!


My goal for this week is to bust out the flash cards, get some mileage out of those suckers, and improve my mind! My goal will be to review one card a day and use the word (correctly) in some form of communication – whether that be at work, in a blog post, or just regular ole conversation.

Does anyone else out there have a self-improvement goal? How are you working to achieve it?

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