What’s Next? | 2013 5K/Running Events

According to FitSugar (one of my favorite fitness websites), if you’re planning on running any kind of race n 2013 you should register now. Part of the reasoning behind that is a definite race day will help you stick to your goals and design a long-term training plan that will prepare you for success. I ran a 5K in college and I walked a 5K last year with a coworker. I’d like to try and do more this year. Here are a few that sound like fun:

February 16th: Glow Rush
Basically a combination of a 5K Run/Walk with an urban scavenger hunt, with the added bonus of lots of glowing things and an after party. It’s a little early to be ready for a super serious 5K, but this sounds less like a race than a mobile rave (a lame rave).

February 24th: Petco 5k9
DOGS!!!!!11!!!!1! That is really all you need to know. Again, a little early for serious competish, but if I go it will be with Huckleberry and she is not a running-friendly dog. She thinks it’s a game to see how fast she can nip my ankles and then look totally adorable. I’m on to you, Hound.

March 9th: Run to Fight Cancer
This will be the third time GCU puts on this 5K event – it was actually so successful the first time around they did a second run less than six months later. Now it seems to be a 5K staple for the Phoenix area. I kind of like the idea of my first legit 5K attempt in 2013 being the one put on by my employer (obligatory: Go ‘Lopes!).

March 23rd: The Neon Run
I’ve been obsessed with neon lately and this definitely isn’t helping. It’s another night run, but there’s a big emphasis on having fun and just socializing with other neon enthusiasts.

April 13th: Firefly Run
Oh yeah. Another evening run! Although in Phoenix, you really don’t have many options starting mid-March. It begins to heat up during the day and you’re pretty miserable. Anyway, night running! This one also seems geared to a more casual environment.

May 11th: The Night Run
Actually marketed as such and not just a label I’ve smacked on it. The biggest difference? This one isn’t a 5K – it’s 8! There is a 3 mile event, but I would love to train for the 8K. I have just under four months – why not?

May 18th: Run Drenched
It’s always important to stay hydrated…especially in the dry heat!

November 2nd: Run for Your Lives
It’s a zombie-theme obstacle race. YOU GUYS!!! This is AWESOME.

So, who’s in the Phoenix area and is in?

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