Modify Monday | Don’t Overcommit

This week, my Modify Monday goal is going to be: don’t overcommit myself!

(Kind of looks like this week’s title includes the phrase “I don’t overcommit.” I like it. Nice reinforcement!)

Oh man. This one is going to be hard. Outside of work, I’m already considering which reading challenges I’ll enter, what my daily workout routine is going to be, how much time I can play with Huckleberry, when I’ll finish my “Pin It to Win It” projects, and what meals I can try out this week. That’s a pretty full schedule of just things I want to do. I’ve got house chores, appointments, and educational commitments as well.

How am I going to tackle this? First of all, I need to prioritize and determine which of my “wants” list are actually important and which ones can be delayed. Which things need to be done daily? Which tasks can be chunked into smaller bits (Pin It to Win It, definitely)? What do I need to keep in mind to get past this week and be reasonable for the rest of the year? I don’t want to repeat another stressful bout of reading challenges and not achieve goals because they were completely unrealistic.

Also, is there anything that I can get help doing? For example, yesterday the fella played with Huckleberry while I worked on my class and took an important school-related call. Today I was able to play with her during his conference call, then we traded off again while I did a nice thirty minutes on the elliptical. After my cool down and shower, we made a spicy tuna sushi roll, tuna and lime sashimi, and spicy tuna salad. So far I’m on the right track, but it’s only Monday. I just need to keep my goal in mind throughout the rest of the week!

What about you guys? What do you want to focus on this week?

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