Thoughts on Thursday | Why Didn’t You Become a Librarian? (Part One)

Alternately: How did you end up here?

I’m a History and Gender Studies graduate of Northwestern University (obligatory: GO ‘CATS! GATOR BOWL WINNERS!). I loved being a double major in college, and I got a lot out of the different perspectives I encountered. Multiple interpretations of events and policies were right up my alley – I did debate in high school and sometimes taking the harder stance just thrilled me. I like throwing things (figuratively) and arguing with people (literally) when I feel like I’m well-versed in the topics. Although there was that one time I thought it would be fun to argue a technicality that America did not lose the Vietnam War, simply because of how it was defined in our class discussion. I maintain that if the definition is that confining, then…yeah, it was a dumb argument regardless.

Anyway, back to the original point. Kind of. Sort of. Not yet.

I was talking to a friend after I gave her some book recommendations (perhaps a new weekly feature?) and she asked why I didn’t become a librarian. You know, because of my bookish nature and appreciation for reference materials and the Dewey Decimal System.

Huh. Now how ’bout that? Why didn’t I?

I went to NU after a very successful visit in which I fell in love with the campus. I visited the campus because a close friend recommended NU as a school with a creative writing program. I wanted to be a writer in high school; I wanted to study it and live it. So I looked for schools that matched that interest and NU was the sole contender. It was a program that required an application and admission, so I wanted a school that would offer a wealth of Plan B options in case I didn’t get into the program.

You’re probably thinking that was a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re right, but you’re also wrong.

I went with Plan B not because I didn’t get accepted into the program, but because I never even applied.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday | Why Didn’t You Become a Librarian? (Part One)

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